If dreams would mean something!

Just as any other Sunday, it was one of those days in my life where I isolate myself and put myself through hours of sleep so that I can cage my feelings. But did you think that actually happened? If dreams could mean something?

I am sitting back and trying to write a personal blog online for first time ever in my life with a heavy heart. Theory suggest that dreams are merely a brain activity that captures incidents or imagery that we often think about. I have thought about him for the last six months. So, i saw three different dreams out of which I happen to remember only the last one. The common part about all these dreams were that i was chasing my love constantly regardless of him being so distant from me. And he stood there, so reluctant and hesitant, in my dreams. The pretty part lies in the last dream. He still stood hesitant and somewhat mad at me for still being in love with him. Isn’t that what love is like? Does it grow less just because the person you love does not love you back the way you do?

Coming back to my dream, somewhere among some colleagues i have met recently, we bumped into each other. Soon he sees me, he nods his head and tells me its been pretty hectic month. He still looks as vibrant to me in spite of that growing beard and tired eyes. He sits on the chair on the opposite side of the table. I could hear other people murmuring but my eyes are set on those tired eyes that still sparkles and lightens the whole room for me. It started getting really late and we were suppose to be heading back when I accidentally tripped over him while on my way out. I apologized. He looked at me furiously . And I pretended to be very indifferent after all. And I was waiting for a car when he suddenly appears standing next to me and the other moment I have his arms around my shoulder. He was smiling at me and looking at me with the kind of affection I have wanted to find in his eyes for ages. It is a dream after all. I was stoked. I had tons of questions in my head at that very moment.” What happened? How you changed? What changed? Are you for real?” and so many. But I just could not utter a word. I was just so delighted and content and had tears of joy running down my cheek. I felt like I have won the whole world and that is when the inevitable happened. I WOKE UP.

The question is did I just see that dream because after everything I still don’t want to give up on him? Or did it actually mean something and was telling me not to give up anytime soon. Many people do believe that every dreams mean something and there is a reason you see it. I really wish if dreams would mean something and was able to predict the upcoming.

It is very natural for people who are in the situation I am in to feel as such, to dream and think as such. So, if dreams would mean something,  I would wait for you for ever and even if it does not i would still wait for you as long as you live in my heart.